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Request for Public Documents Now Required

Do you want to see a file at the County offices? Development Services, Environmental Health and Roads Development Review now require a formal written request for documents, if you wish to see what's in their files.

Click here to download a blank Request for Public Documents form.

Planned Rural Residential Development (PRRD)

Much of rural Thurston County is zoned rural residential resource 1 dwelling per 5 acres or 1 dwelling per 2 acres. However, there is a regulation, called "PRRD," which allows development of higher densities.

Click here to read our information page on PRRD (also called "clustered housing" or "clustered development").

Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plans guide Thurston County’s physical development and identify what transportation and other public facilities are needed to meet the needs of population growth. These plans are the framework for zoning and other development regulations, which must be consistent with comprehensive plans.

The Thurston County Comprehensive Plan deals mainly with rural areas of the County (land outside of urban growth areas that surround cities). The 2009 preliminary docket of comprehensive plan amendments is currently under review by the Board of County Commissioners.

Click here for more information regarding the Comprehensive Plan and efforts to amend it.

Online Land Development and Mapping Tools

Thurston County Code
Click here to link to the code online.


Click here for the Thurston County GeoData Center


Click here to access aerial photos of the Griffin area on the TerraServer web site.


Click here to access the TerraFly system, which permits you to control a "virtual flyover" of most regions of the planet, including our own.

Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

Click here to go to the Thurston County page on the Comprehensive Plan.

Thurston County Developmental Services

Click here to visit the web pages for the Permit Assistance Center and other related county services.

Public Hearing Preparation

Download the pamphlet, "Guide to Public Hearings Before the Hearing Examiner"

Census Tract Data

The Griffin Neighborhood is roughly contained within U.S. Census Tract 119 (click here for a map of Tract 119). Click here to view comprehensive data on this tract from the 2000 census. There is a wealth of information on the U.S. government's census web page. Click here for Your Gateway to Census 2000.

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